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Did you know that potassium is the 3rd most common mineral in you body!


This article caught our eye since bananas are considered a great source of potassium.  Guess what they are not and there is more to potassium than you might think.

Do you know how critical to your body potassium is? Every muscle contraction and impulse in your body relies on potassium including the most important muscle of all–your heart!  As an electrolyte is also helps to regulate fluid balance by moving nutrients and waste in and out of cells.  Potassium  can alleviate the effects of salt and help lower blood pressure.  Lowering your blood pressure reduces the risk conditions like heart disease, strokes, kidney problem, and perhaps even bone loss.  The problem is that less than 3% of the US population are getting enough potassium.  The top three sources of potassium are baked potatoes (with skin) canned white beans and sweet potatoes (with skin).  Following on there heels are acorn squash,avocados, soybeans and orange juice.

Learn more by reading the article.

Stay hip, make sure your flexors are part of your program!


There has been a bit of buzz about the muscles that suround the ball and socket joints that connect your legs and torso.  The cluster of 5 muscles which are vital to mobility are often ignored.  To stay hip make sure you keep these muscles well stretched and strong. There are a number of excercises that support hip flexor health including:

  • Stretching
    • seated butterfly
    • bridge Pose
    • pigeon Pose
  • Strengthening
    • mountain climbers
    • lunges
    • straight leg raises
    • squats
    • clams
    • hip adduction and abduction machines

Not keeping these muscles in good shape can increase your risk of injury and problems such as:

  • limited mobility
  • lower back problems
  • abnormal gait or walking
  • pain in the hips

For more information and to see the exercises descriptions, read the complete article:

The Fall of Coconut Oil

coconut oil

Since 2015 Coconut oil has been one of he most popular super foods, but it is losing its favored position to butter, ghee and other trendy fats.  Since there is no true definition of superfood marketers use the term for many “health” foods whether or not they are endorsed by nutritionists.     The staying power of any superfood depends not only on buzz but also more permanent changes in eating and cooking habits and quality scientific research to support the claims a superfood has garnered.

Used largely by vegan bakers, it became a popular option for those seeking to avoid butter.  In spite of its popularity people didn’t understand or trust it and the sales started to decline.  In   2017 the American Heart Association denounced coconut oil for having too much saturated fat and the craze for coconut oil craze continued to fall off. Other foods that have suffered similar fates include wheat germ, acai, pomegranate, and goji berries.

For more information read the complete article:

Get fit before getting pregnant to lower risk of gestational diabetes


“Researchers say moderate improvement in fitness can lower risk by more than 20 percent”

If you are considering starting a family think about getting fit. A 25 year retrospective study of pregnant women showed that a high levels of fitness, prior to pregnancy, is associated with a lower risk of the development of gestational diabetes.

Accordign to Kara Whitaker from the University of Iowa becoming fit can be as simple as doing 150 minutes per week of moderate to vigorous activity.  This total amount can be broken down to an average of 30 minutes per day for days per week.  What kinds of activity qualifies?

  • brisk walking = moderate activity
  • jogging = vigorous activity

For more information read the complete article:

Watch our new TRX Row Video


This is perhaps the most frequently used suspension trainer exercise, and for good reason! The TRX Row is a great way to train the upper back as well as the biceps and forearms. Keys to success: 1) Entire body should maintain a nice straight line. 2) Keep elbows in and squeeze shoulder blades together at the top. 3) The farther forward the feet are, the more challenging this exercise becomes.

Watch our TRX Row Video now!

Conquer Your Fear of the Gym

Conquer Gym Fears

Gymtimidation, it even has a name. it is the anxiety that women (in particular) feel when they worry about being judged at the gym.  65% of women avoid going to the gym at all because they don’t want to be judged for being sweaty, not being fit, or doing something wrong.  Here are some things you might consider to help you with any gym anxiety you may feel.

  • Plan your workout.  Don’t go into a gym without a plan, find some sample workouts on the net, get an app to guide you, or even better meet  with a personal trainer!
  • Practice. If you are worred about doing something wrong try exercises at home or seek the guidance of a personal traininer.
  • Know your equipment. All equipment works differently.  If you don’t know how you should use a piece of equipment or how to adjust it, Ask!
  • Be a Follower.  Go to a class and follow along.  Don’t hesitate to choose a spot in the back til you learn how a new class works.
  • Report harassment.  If someone, whether a staff member or another member,  makes you uncomfortable by harassing or threatening you report it right away!
  • Remember your goals. Always remember why you are at the gym, having a goal can be something to work towards and help you overcome any anxiety you may feel.

At Pinnacle Performance Center we work with you to overcome any anxiety you may have and offer personal training to help you set goals, contact us today to overcome gymtimidation.   Remember that at a gym, everyone is pretty focused on what they are doing and not taking the time to focus on what you are doing.

Fish Oils and Omega 3


While eating fish is the best way to get  fish oil and its Omega-3s, there is no doubt that many people are finding ways to get these into their diets. Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) are the two fatty acids, more commonly known as Omega-3s.  These fatty acids are commonly found in marine life and plants.

  • Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA): supports blood clotting and fighting inflammation
  • Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA):  important for production of sperm, retina health, heart, and brain health.  It is also important to pregnant and nursing mothers because it supports brain development.

Though the research is not always conclusive, there is some evidence that it in addition to supporting health, Omega-3s may benefit a wide range of conditions such as multiple sclerosis, prostrate cancer, post-partum depression, vision loss, epilepsy and more.  Omega -3s are best obtained from oily fish such as salmon, sardines, mackerel and trout but there are other sources. These sources include eggs,  nuts, seeds  and leafy dark green vegetables.  If you take supplements, instead of eating foods rich in Omega-3, there are some risks such as minor gastrointestinal problems, blood clotting issues, allergic reactions to shellfish, and getting to much of vitamins such as A and D.  Fish oils have high levels of these already and too much of these vitamins can be poisonous.

For a full list of health benefits, sources and risks associated with supplements please read the article, a link is shown below.



Supplementing Speed…

women runners

A small study of young women has found that a specially prepared blend of minerals and nutrients experienced a drop in their 3 mile run times.  The women studied were recreational athletes ages 18-30.  The combination supplement included:

  • iron
  • copper
  • zinc
  • carnitine (derived from an amino acid)
  • phosphatidylserine (made up of fatty acids and amino acids.)

These minerals are thought to be commonly low in women’s diets and the amounts added to the supplement were kept below levels that might induce harmful side effects.  A monthly supply of the supplement between $35-40

Football Training Program


football personal trainingDid you know that Bryan and his personal training staff at Pinnacle offer sports specific training? In addition to regular personal training they provide off-season training for athletes of all ages and levels.   Off season training is vital to stay in shape, improve your skills levels, and help prevent injuries.

Check out the sample of the third phase of a Football Training program we just added to our site.

Emotions and Eating, Breaking the Pattern


“Trigger, craving, action—this is the dynamic of emotional eating.”

Break your (and your brain’s) bad habits by teaching your brain a new strategies for dealing with stress, boredom, anger etc.  Emotional eating can also be triggered by positive emotions like excitement or desire Instead of acting on autopilot, take the time to catch yourself in the act and identify your triggers and then redirect your activity.  Healthier re-directions can include:

  • healthy foods (fruits and veggies) instead of sweets
  • chewing gum
  • relaxing with music, hot shower or bath
  • meditation and mindfulness training
  • exercise
  • shift your attention with another activity,

Retrain your brain to deal with emotions in a more positive fashion!  Read below for more information about this article.