About Pinnacle Performance

Individual Fitness Empowered.

At Pinnacle Performance Our personal trainers promise you to create a community where individuals can push past their comfort levels, break down performance barriers, and change their lives. Pinnacle Performance Center:

  • offers upscale personal training center
  • serves a wide clientele including
    • sedentary adults
    • clients wishing to get in shape or lose weight
    • competitive athletes
  • offers personalized coaching/training focused on pushing our clients to their maximum potential
  • provides workouts which are challenging, but fun and exciting!
  • provides clients with an unparalleled experience by working with elite trainers
  • specializes in a wide range of fitness programs such as increasing strength,  promoting weight loss and sport-specific training.

We believe fitness is best achieved by creating a balance of challenging workouts, proper nutrition, and healthy lifestyle factors. Learn more about Pinnacle by read about:

Pinnacle Performance Center’s Texas Health Spa Operator registration number is 20160053.